The Lifting Of The Truth Embargo

The Government Comes Forward

This is the first in a series of blogs that will take you beyond belief. Your top government congressmen, ret. Air Force colonel’s ,  astronauts, members of the CIA and the head of Canada’s Department of Defense come out on aliens and extraterrestrial contact and what the military has been hiding from you for more than fifty years.

Finally the truth embargo by the United States government can begin to be lifted.

If you don’t know about “The Citizen’s Hearing On Disclosure”, you do now.

Watch the video then

Start with this link.

The Truth Is Finally coming out. 40 people give 30 hours of testimony in a citizen organized congressional hearing about UFO’s, Roswald and life in the universe. In the interest of  not over-whelming our readers, we will take you slowly through the steps of the testimony from some of the most respected people on the planet. We are not alone and more of what you thought to be urban folk lure and tabloid stories is truer than you might ever imagine to believe.

“If the congress won’t do it’s job, then the people will.”


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