The Snowden Effect

The Patriot Act

If you don’t know who Edward Snowden is by now then you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway. The rest of the world knows him and a large portion of them are willing to help him, including Venezuela. China has helped him. Russia is currently helping him by keeping him at their transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport (from Reuters) where hordes of reporters have gathered for a glimpse shot to send back their editors. As of Friday Nicaragua and Venezuela have offered him asylum, Iceland hasn’t out right said no(he needs to be in their country to request aslylum from them) and Bolivia said it would consider a request. Cuba simply declines to comment (yes, but we don’t kiss and tell). Ecuador has offered the U.S. 23 million dollars a year to use as human rights training.

“Ecuador has dropped out of a trade pact with the US, claiming it had become an instrument of “blackmail” as it considers asylum for Edward Snowden. -AFP” READ MORE

Traitor or Patriot?

What Snowden has leaked isn’t new information, we’ve known about government spying sense the patriot act was introduced, Edward Snowden just confirmed it by taking it off of You Tube conspiracy videos and putting it in the light of network news media. The hope and change that president Obama campaigned so hard on didn’t come. Troop reductions are not an end to either war and most citizens of the U.S. know that their sons and daughters are still being deployed more often than returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are the family’s of the soldiers, we notice when they’re gone. The perfect chance for Obama to separate himself from the Bush doctrine was to embrace Snowden as a whistle blower and clean the wire tapping mess up.  There are policies in place to have allowed our president to do this instead of making comments like, “All countries use intelligence.” A lot of countries do things that we don’t because we used to put ourselves on a moral high ground. The 4th of July in America is nothing more than any other holiday, a chance for local law enforcement to set up DWI check points and filter through it’s citizens. Armed and with trained dogs it’s resembles an old East German check point searching for people trying to escape from their own country. Drinking and driving is already illegal you can’t make it more so by assuming most of your citizens do it because it’s a holiday. If all weapons were banned in the U.S. and someone wanted to kill a movie theater full of people they would only need a hand full of door stops and a can of gasoline. Murder is already illegal, weapon bans won’t make it more so.

There was a time in U.S. history when insurance was considered gambling now it is imposed. Yet a women’s vagina is controlled by law (prostitution and abortion) not her. Marijuana, a plant, is illegal in almost all states, these two factors drive drug trafficking and sex slave markets globally into a billions and trillions of dollars a year markets.  Countries like Iceland after 2008 prosecuted the bankers and forgave home loans. Sweden adopted a policy of doing the opposite of the U.S. and let all the drug offenders out of prison, set a high minimum wage for it’s teachers and consider its citizens as it’s children not it’s enemy. The only reason marriage in the U.S. ever got tangled up in the legal system was to hold men responsible for their wives debt because it was assumed they weren’t responsible enough to do it themselves, women were treated like children in the courts eyes back then. Archaic laws hold our country back. A lack of tolerance by the strongest country on the planet is dangerous to the world, not just us. A refusal of responsibility by the U.S. is detrimental to the planet.

Obamas War

Big Brother Is Being Watched

When it comes to teaching evolution as fact in school we rank next to Turkey, a radically Muslim country. Cemeteries around the globe are filled with U.S. soldiers who died to liberate other countries and now most of the world refers to us as imperialist. People like Julian Assange and Anonymous are not going away any time soon, there will only be more and they will only become ever more popular as the U.S. grows more resentment abroad. It’s the Micheal Jackson Pepsi effect, with great power and popularity you have the worlds undivided attention, don’t try to sell them a Pepsi but an ideal of how society should behave.

We as a nation have great influence and power globally, sometimes as U.S. citizens we need to remember, we have the worlds undivided attention. Most of us couldn’t name 10 world leaders but the number of people on this planet that don’t know the name Barack Obama is in the hundreds. How do you want your life to be? America’s addiction to electricity and oil has brought us most of the way to where we are. So where do we go from here? What if the U.S. gets it’s hands on Snowden, then what? Sentence him to 14 years? Our presidents in Africa right now where Nelson Mandela lay dying at this moment. Surely the irony of the situation has passed through Obama’s mind. If we present two faces to the world they’re going to notice and we should expect more dissidence and in 14 years Snowden will be the next Nelson Mandela for the world.

Right now we have a chance for the promised change. The NSA may be watching us but the world is watching as well. If we get drugs, abortion, guns and marriage out of our courts and politics and argue over how we are going to reduce our dependence on oil, fix the environment and protect our planet from asteroids and form a policy for first contact and prepare ourselves for what we are about to find out in the cosmos while protecting the innocent people of the planet that are unaware of what lies out beyond the stars. Arm the homeless with a way to survive and disarm our police forces. Riot squads around the planet have copied our tactics. When we see police brutality against protestors around the world remember that they emulated us. Tuition is the U.S. is doubling when we know it should be free. Electricity shouldn’t kill our planet but set us free  from the pains of human labor and suffering, and be free.  We have the worlds attention, wanted or not, and eventually all children want to be like their big brother. What kind of Big Brother do we want to be?


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