Geek Culture

The Revenge of the Nerds

July 1976, in a galaxy not so far away was Star Wars. Science fiction had a following before Star Wars, young boys with their comic books and movie theaters were avid fans. Batman and The X-Men aren’t new, they have just been revamped for today’s populous. Buck Rogers, Wonder Woman and Superman have evolved as well as 1975’s Doc Savage The Man of Bronze was remade from a 1930’s comic. Remaking super hero’s for a new generation of youth has been a staple in Hollywood for decades. Youth being the keyword, young boys to be specific were the target audience not the population. After the success of Star Wars more characters aimed at an adult audience were reborn once again. 1978’s Superman with Christopher Reed was just that and now again 2013’s version Man Of Steel starring Henry Cavill. Yet for some reason in 1976 with Star Wars it stuck and suddenly everyone was a Sci-Fi fan. It could have been a classic story line, cinematography or maybe the time was right but for whatever reason Sci-Fi was main steam and has been till this day. Even growing as it goes.

doc savage comic1938

The fascination had been building for sometime with the radio broadcast of H.G.Wells The War of the Worlds, Sputnik and the Roswell incident had stewed in peoples minds for decades. Astronomers were making huge discovers after the mid 1960’s about the true size of the universe and what it was made of. The launch of Voyagers I & II in the 1970’s brought people to the realization that space wasn’t a absolute vacuum and we had the capability to explore it further out than our own moon.  The UFO phenomenon stormed T.V. and magazines and by the 1980’s computers would be possible in peoples homes. Science was moving in on the public and being used everywhere from medicine to industry and  the military.

Geek Gods

There once was a man named Carl Sagan, the Bill Nye of his time with a focus on space. A man who taught us the name that lives in eternity Stephen Hawkins. His PBS program aired in September 1980 and for the first time an astronomer was talking about the universe for average people. Linking history to the universe in ways that were understandable to common people, not just scientist, Carl taught a generation about the skies above them in only one season.

By 1985 people knew of a man by the name of Steve Jobs who left a company he helped create (Apple) and would by the next year acquire the computer graphics division of Lucasfilms to create Pixar.  Everyone new what a Mac was and would soon know what Disneys new direction in movies would look like. After returning to Apple, a then failing corporation in 1996, he had turned the books around by 1998 and the company went on to be the most valuable stock of 2011 thanks to devices like the Ipod and Iphone.

According to Bloomberg Bill Gates is the world’s richest person in 2013 and there are plenty of reasons why. Bill Gates is a gambler, not with cards but with business. In 1975 Bill Gates was a student at Harvard while reading a Popular Electronics article about Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems Altair 8800, he got an idea. He called the company and (cough) lied about working on a Basic interpreter for their new microcomputer that used an 8″ floppy drive system. They bought it and then bought into the man and his partner Paul Allen. He never returned to Harvard. IBM would make first contact with Micrsoft in 1980 needing an operating system for their new IBM-PC. At first licensing and then buying 86DOS from Seattle Computer Products, whom Gates had tried to unsuccessfully hook up with IBM. Microsoft would sell PC-DOS to IBM for a one time use fee of $50,000 and retain the copyright. Which in the end paid off for Microsoft and Bill Gates. Gambling on the fact that others in the market would clone IBM and it’s OS. They did and today Windows runs ATM’s, cash registers and every board room in the nation begins their presentation with a Windows desktop projection. Windows is everywhere and at least for the near future, here to stay.


The Revenge of the Nerds

Beginning in 1984 The Revenge of the Nerds would spawn movie after movie and finally TV episodes that lasted until 2011. A prediction of things to come of sorts, that with knowledge comes power and wealth. Science and technology is driven by smart people so in the end their time was bound to come. The Big Bang Theory is one of the most successful TV shows on the planet right now. Catering to gamers, sci-finatics, cosplayers and everyday computer nerds in general, it has touched the heart of a nation coming to grips with it’s newly found geek culture.

big bang cosplay

Want to Know What else is Mainstream

Dubstep, Steampunk, Slut Walk, Goth, Big Bootys, Hollywood Housewives, Duck Hunters and Anime. Disney cosplay is Sci-Fi made mainstream. So now it’s back to where it all began. Star Wars belongs to Disney who uses Pixar created by Steve Jobs. The technology’s there to make Star Wars remain in the decades long running movies like Bond, and maybe even with the right touch, a whole lot more. And as Ramses lay on his death bed and broke his own commandment by speaking the name Moses, then so will I, Thank You George Lucas. If your going to sell Star Wars, then Pixar is who I would want to continue the legacy as well. Finally I get it, the geek culture is here at last. The Big Bang Theory on CBS

-The Rev James Jones


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