Plus Size Bikinis

How to sell Bikinis

Gabi Greg Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg and SWIMSUITSFORALL join forces and sell out in hours.

“Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg’s first plus-size swimwear collaboration with Swimsuits For All,

which went on sale May 15, sold out within hours -MailOnline”

With customers tweeting they had stayed up till 2:30a.m.  for the sell to start, the initial rush seemed to be more than they ever expected.  SWIMSUITSFORALL reports to have sizes 10 thru 16 in stock. Who knew that if you want to sell bikinis ask a blogger to help. Miss Gregg is known for her blog GabiFresh.

“Last year, 25-year-old Miss Gregg gained internet notoriety after she posted a request for women of all shapes and sizes to send in pictures of themselves wearing swimwear.

Thirty-one women emailed Miss Gregg to participate in the online picture gallery, nicknamed Fatkini, which was created after the blogger posted several images of herself wearing a swimsuit on GabiFresh.

In an age where Victoria’s Secret models are viewed as an ideal, Miss Gregg was quickly lauded for her inspiring approach to give real women confidence.

I’m super passionate about plus size women wearing great swimsuits unapologetically,’ she wrote on GabiFresh, several weeks before the launch of her collection’s release. “-MailOnline


If you make bikinis that fit half the population and doesn’t look like one their mother wore, somebody might want one. Of course I promote my advertisers, but I believe in what they do or I wouldn’t. Thanks you for visiting TheShortsMagazine .com, I hope you find what your looking for. Maybe we found it. Swim suits anyone can wear, I’m just saying.


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