Giant Women

Attack of  the fifity foot women movie poster

The Amazon Queens

There are people among us who believe that once in the history of humans giants existed. There have been pictures of the bones of giants on the internet for years. Claims of discoveries and roadside attractions. But do they really ever think we would believe these tales of fancy, I think maybe so.  We weren’t looking for the worlds tallest man, we were looking for the worlds largest women. Wait, not BBW’s, don’t get me wrong, we went looking for Amazons. True Arizonians, and this is what we found. Proof that giants did walk among us and still do.

giant blonde woman with blue bra giant bra and panties giant-woman13 golden atom giant sea woman statue snu-snu worlds tallest woman amazon bombshell giant ginger giant naked lady statue attack of the fifity foot woman electric amazon queen large babe


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