Life’s To Short Without Friends

Even If Your Not A Human

A classic Voight-Kampff test. Are you human?

Photo Credits:

100 Year-old Tortoise acts as Mom to Baby Hippo/Floristone…

The wonderful story of Owen and Mzee: the giant tortoise who raised a orphaned baby hippo/Seaway Blog…

Bob Hallinen/AP
John Gomes/AP
John Gomes/Alaska Zoo

We Are Obsessed With a Capybara Named Cheesecake Who Fosters Orphaned Puppies/Dogster…

They call it puppy love/ Manchester Evening News…

Blind Dog Has Her Own Seeing-Eye Dog/Pawnation…

Capitán y su historia de gran fidelidad/LaVoz…

Stop hounding me you big ape! The unlikely friendship between an orangutan and a dog/mailonline…

a video by Buzz Feed Yellow on YouTube


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