Party Mom

beer guzzleing breast feeders
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A young mom slamming a beer while breast feeding is defenatly a  cringe worthy site. We all know they are out there. I’m sure most of us know at least one, probably a relative, the neighbors daughter or maybe even your friend. The act of child birth does not always kick in a natural mother gene to activate. The new mother generally does go through changes preemptive to their newly acquired role. Yet, once a party girl, always a party girl?

Party Mom’s

America tried desperately to convict Casey Anthony of killing her own daughter in the media by insinuating her desire to party was stronger than her need to nurture her child.  Her online posts were of a girl celebrating and partying, not documenting her daughters first steps, first words and scrapbooks of Easters and school plays. At least that’s what we were shown by the media. In the end she wasn’t convicted but her image as a party girl made America want her to be found guilty and assume she would be.

When I did a 2012 year end review several months ago I mentioned a recent news article, Courtney Sue Reschke a mom from Kuna, Idaho is accused of providing alcohol to and then having sex with four 15 year old boys. I opted to use her arrest photo after discovering that her Facebook page had none of it’s privacy settings turned on. I recognized every photo from the online news coverage in a string of pictures of her and sometimes a friend looking like they were ready to go clubbing. Taking advantage of being dressed up for a Facebook photo op she appeared to have been divorced and trying to recapture her youth.

courtney sue reschkeI decided to not use any of her Facebook photos because mixed in with her sexy self shots were inevitably pictures of her children. Like any other proud mom she had uploaded family remembrances meant for friends and family. Her Facebook page no longer exists. On April 20, 2013 she plead guilty to six counts out of twenty brought against her in a plea bargain and  awaits sentencing on June 20, 2013 where she could receive life in prison. Reschke has been in the Ada County Jail since her arrest.

Good Girl Gone Bad

“It’s called Girls Gone Wild because if it’s called Women Gone Wild it involves a teacher and her student!”

April 28, 2013 –

Virginia high school teacher arrested for sending nude pics to 17-year-old student

April 25, 2013-

Female special ed teacher arrested for having sex with student, 15

April 24, 2013-

Selma Teacher Arrested on Sex Charges

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These are just female teachers for the past week being accused on sex charges. Every time I see one of these headlines I wonder, has someone destroyed their life for a moment of fun. One bad decision can ruin your life. Life is all about having fun, a few beers and raising your children. Yet so many seem to cross the line and I don’t know why. In the movie “The Banger Sisters” Susan Sarandon tries to avoid Goldie Hawn and her past as a party girl to be a respected mother in her community only to find she was putting up a front and burying herself under social expectations. Never really enjoying life sense the transformation from party girl to mom. How much truth lies in that I’m not sure. How much self control a person has may be built in at birth or formed during their childhood. Maybe they don’t want to let go of the funnest years of their life or maybe there was just a lapse in judgement. Once a Party Girl always a Party Girl?  That’s up to you, just please, try and not make me cringe.


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