Future of Eyes for Today

Soft and pink on pink, orange on white or straight to the point. There is so much you can do with eye’s today that disco eye make up looks like it came from the 80’s. Oh, sorry, no wonder it’s called future eyes.  Because today is the most future there is and it shows in the liquid gold.  Smokey disco ball eyes, venetian mask paint.  Or how about a full face Pop Art comic book girl look.

Our favorite Pop Art Comic Book Face DYI is from Emma Pickles.

Pop Art/Comic book makeup in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.

Our favorite eye makeup is from Manic Panic featured in Elle magazine, Gothic Beauty magazine and Devolution magazine.


red ball picture footer


Is it in your eye’s? Is that where I see your soul?

Dior couture fallwinter20112
Dior couture fall/winter20112 fall eye makeup

There is a surreal world of eye’s out there. Can you see them?
The eye’s say more about you than you could ever know. Deep inside each of us, the heart of our soul is hidden behind our eye’s.  And now, eye’s have come alive. There are more exotic colors and style’s, that have moved eye makeup into the future. Some of the style’s seem to flashback to an 80’s Disco style, while incorporating futuristic flare. The future of makeup, design and art have fused into one being.


next gen

Future eyes in the worldThe next generation is already here, can you imagine the next generation after that? I hope so, I hope you have your eye’s toward the future. The future of eye’s can only get brighter.  And the brighter the future, the more the eye’s of tomorrow can look forward too. I have seen deep into the past, saw what nature intended for mankind, and nothing is more exotic, than what lies behind your eye’s. The whole history of man is kept in the soul of each of us. To see it, you must look into the eye’s of a fellow human being, leave all of your apathy behind and let go, then see what resides within. In your eye’s hides all knowledge of everything you have ever seen, and you pass it along to each of us. Every time you look at us, with your eye’s.

new york school of burlesqueIn The Eye’s

There is a surreal world of eye’s out there. Can you see them?

Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter

Purple wave

Purple Wave

Pink Rainbow

Purple Rainbow

ChristianLouboutin studded high heels

Ready to see whats in Style?

I thought So,

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