Jennifer Lawrence’s Bra

If The Internet Was Real

Swag Award

I’d be able to buy Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra from the  Silver Linings Playbook.

Playbook Pants

Jennifer Lawrence’s pants from ”Silver Linings Playbook.” Stretchy vanilla pants were custom-sewn for Lawrence by production and are accompanied by fabric remnants. Some extra thread from the central seam extends about the waistband, and pants are without waistband or hemming, else near fine. With wardrobe department’s tag and a COA from Premiere Props. sold for $3493.00

I'd buy that!

Jennifer Lawrence screen-worn wardrobe. Lawrence was dressed in this teal sports bra and blue long-sleeved shirt as the leading lady in the 2012 hit ”Silver Linings Playbook”. Racerback sports bra by Gap Body is a size 36C. Shirt by Threads 4 Thought is size XS. Both garments are near fine. With a COA from Premiere Props sold for $3175.00

Oh, I can buy that. Thanks internet!


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