North Korean 4 Inch Heels

Fashion War

4 inch Korean heels

What’s up North Korea? The size of your female soldiers heels apparently. In this crazy article from NYMAG.Com the/cut  female soldiers spotted in the border town of Sinuiju patrolling the banks of the Yalu river sporting 4 inch heels and pony tails. Uniformed and armed in style? The/Cut brings up some interesting questions on the point of what this means but still didn’t answer the question, why? We want to nuke your country, in style. OK, Can you imagine if the American military ordered our female troops to march around in 4 inch platform Jessica Simpson boots. Don’t get me wrong, she’d probably love to get the contract to supply them and we at TheShortsMagazine would be proud of her business savvy to pull it off, but the women’s rights advocates would have a field day. Law suits and protest would fly through the media like angry birds bombing from left to right on millions of American IPhones do everyday. I think I get it, North Korea be like “We will kick your ass while our ladies be looking like this, how do you like me now?”

How about this North Korea, a 5 inch stiletto boot with a 1 inch platform from Jessica Simpson,

Fram - Black Alaskan Leather

it’s called the Fram. See, we know how to play this game. The Fram from Jessica Simpson is available at Heels.Com for $149.00, just click on the image to check them out. You want a fashion war bring it.

Our female special forces would land on your shores in these 5 1/2 inch chunky stiletto’s from Jessica Simpson.

Alster - Black

How do you like me now!


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