Let’s Have A Fling


Short styles and a spring fling. Let’s spend this spring looking at shorts and having a spring fling. Summer’s coming!

♥Come have a spring fling with us at theshortsmagazine.com and we’ll show you stuff like this…


♥and make you look at things like this…

Studded garters

♥or some kinda of steam like this…


♥and maybe somebody be like this…

Cyber Goth Girl

♥now date us and we’ll show you stuff like this…

Pink Glitter

It’s Spring, let’s have a fling. Wink♥

pink dream

See You This Summer. TheShortsMagazine.Com♥ with more Short Styles

rings from Part Like Barbie

♥and we’ll stop showing(not) stuff like  this…


♥and listen to some of this…


♥or look at this…

Rock Shooter

Summer’s almost here…

Airbrush_Academy_Basic_Extreme_Makeup_Class_Demo_2_1_12♥Are you?♥

BW cyber goth



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