The Women Of Iran

Iran in American News Usually isn’t Good, but there’s another side. The Women of Iran.

America doesn’t get to hear very much that’s good about Iran in it’s news. Iran follows a list of countries we don’t get along with. But there is another side to any story. Not all people in every culture feel the same way. While we may see images of militants and peasant women wearing a black Berka  in the media, there is another side. There is wealth in Iran, 11 people in Iran are filed in the billionaire bracket and hold over 30 billion dollars. With source’s of income like Ebay, Yahoo, Google, Hot Pocket, MGA, bebe and DropBox they are not as different from you as you might think. There are women who desire style and fashion in Iran. There are also women whom desire freedom and rights just like you. Here is just a small look at who those women might be.

The Iranian Women’s LookBook

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If you would like to learn more about America and Iran’s relationship with each other, we suggest you start by watching FrontLine. Your veil is a battleground.

The source for Iranian wealth comes from Wikipedia. A very insightful link.

If you would like to know more about supporting women’s rights in Iran then we suggest you try Muslim Womens News. It’s just a start to learning what’s going on in their lives.


3 thoughts on “The Women Of Iran

  1. So happy to see post like these, I myself am married to an women from the Middle East and know first hand how big of a part the media plays in dehumanizing that side of the world and its people.

  2. Thanks Cloud. Love your lounge. Baltimore Maryland is a beautiful place and so is your photography. I would love to visit Dubai someday, your photos make me feel like I’m already there.

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