Duck Tape Fashion

Duck It

If there’s one thing we know, it’s Duck Tape. Long ago there was a PBS show here in America called The Red Green Show. Based around a lodge in Canada, Red Green could fix anything with Duck Tape.

I should know

Then Duck®Brand® the duck tape people released a commercial featuring a young prom goer repairing her torn dress before her prom photo with duck tape.

I did it myself

Then she did this…


Then somebody made these,

duck feet

Then photographer Adam Bouska created NOH8.

silent protest

Then cos-players did this…

Then typical teens did this…

Then she did this…


Then the other ones did this.

The Fashion of Duck Tape



and now Duck®Brand® offers a $5000.00 dollar scholarship for the best Duck Tape Prom Dress. Good Going Duck®Brand®


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