Nicki Minaj’s Starship Pasties

Nicki Minaj’s Star Shaped Pasties ♥

Nicki Minaj stars boobs

Freak! Ò Nicki Minaj gets freaky getting ready to drop her new video. Nicki tweets behind the scenes of “Freaks”French Montana featuring (Nicki Minaj)  In a jacket, gloves, animal print pants and giant gold star shaped pasties, the Cash Money Records star gets freaky.

Nicki Minaj stars shorts magWarning This Video Is Nicki Explicit!

Getting away from pink Nicki goes gold with a bold new look. Winning our Twitter Picture of the Week just last week, she’s already back.  The girl with the biggest backside that is. Strange how we just told you how North Carolina wants to outlaw boobs and Nicki wants to show them. Seems like the government has enough problems without keeping track of what women do with their breast. Good thing they can’t control us here.

Nicki Minaj The Shorts magazine Oh, I’m scared. Nicki’s here.


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