Indecent Exposure

Why is America on A Boob Ban Trend?

By The Rev J.Bailey Jones

If you had a brain you wouldn't have boobs

America has started a weird trend lately, especially for a country addicted to boobs. The trend is to ban boobs or at least the female breast. No wonder these women are protesting.

“RALEIGH, NC – It was quite a show in North Carolina. For the second year in a row women from across the state have shown up to show off their northern hemispheres.” –NewsFixnow.Com

House Bill 34 would make it a Class H felony to expose “external organs of sex and of excretion, including the nipple, or any portion of the areola, of the human female breast.” introduced by State Representative Rayne Brown, the law would make it a felony for women to expose their bare breasts in public. Legislators who support the bill say it’s intended to clarify the current state law for indecent exposure which doesn’t specify women’s breasts in its wording. Meaning that if the bill passes, next year’s protestors could face as much as six-months in prison for baring it all.

North Carolina with a median age of 35 and  3,941,760 men and 4,104,731 women (according to, and is trying to outlaw nipples and butt cracks, on women that is. It’s no wonder their flag bears dates over two hundred years old and the silicon valley wasn’t formed there. It makes us wonder what the average age of the state senate is. You really think outlawing a women’s ladies bits will solve some of North Carolina’s problems. The women in North Carolina alone out number the men by a 168,000 alone without the outside support. But don’t give up women from other states, they need all the help they can get.

No Boobs or Butts here
Stop Showing Me Your Boobs

No Boob Grammys

The Grammy’s banned boobs too. Much like the Superbowl after the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction might be a pending embarrassment to reoccur. The Grammy’s banned boobs from the top, middle, side or underneath, along with butt crack, cleavage or cheeks. Women seem to be all together a danger to public viewing.  Thats a strange way to run off viewers. abcnews.Grammy-Awards-Dress-Code These things are dangerous, especially when they multiply by four times their original size.

4 times Kims boobs

So Kim’s growing boobs are the biggest thing in News.

Then why are people trying to ban them. Because the same old thing, if a full figure woman was president then we wouldn’t need Michelle Obama to fill in for Sara Palin just to announce the Best Picture of the Year, oh well. There is still a pretty woman in the White House. One that we get to admire and respect. That is not a accident. How many women have filled in as Secretary of State, the worlds most powerful position. The person who reflects our current mood to the world has been a women for at least 3 presidency’s. Hillary Clinton and Condalisa Rice have served America without repose. So now we outlaw their breast? What new threat is this?


Saving the boobs is easily America’s favorite past times. We save them everywhere, you can find an official Save the Tata’s store in almost any city. They have bumper stickers, poker cards, cups, coozies and everything under the sun. If we want to save them so bad then why are we trying to ban them? Homeland Security must be beside themselves trying to figure out what to do with full figured women. No wonder our government is torn apart when they can’t even manage boobs.

anne hathaway's boobs

Anne Hathaway Apologizes for her Boobs

Now Anne Hathaway has to apologize because her dress had built in nipples. I didn’t hear Madonna ever apologize for her cone bar or Jennifer Lawrence for saying her breast had a life of their own because they jiggled. Funny how a women’s lady bits might jiggle, I mean it’s not like the former Governor of California’s muscles were able to flex. After all, isn’t that what peoples bodies do?

So Anne Hathaway has to apologize for her nipples that didn’t exist.

What are you thinking America? And why are you so scared of a women’s lady bits. Don’t you think it’s time you get over it and just start to appreciate the fact that you get to live in a country with women in it instead of belonging to it?

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Anne Hathaway
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Save The Boobs

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