You’re No Better Drunk

Than You Are Sober

better off

A blog by The British Psychological Society  reports that a study by Angelica Hagsand and her colleagues found that sober people are not any better than drunk people. When it comes to identifying a suspect that is.  Three groups of forty-one college students each were served orange juice, orange and vodka or orange juice and double shots of vodka for fifteen minutes. While the first group remained sober, the second group reached a blood alcohol level of .04 and the third a level of .07.  Five minutes later they were shown a 31 second long video of a kidnapping.

stolen swag

Better off drunk

A week later the 123 students were given a pop quiz. Shown a line up of eight men, some with the kidnapper and some without. All one hundred and twenty three students were sober for the quiz. The group with the highest score was the drunkest. The article goes on to say all the students did poorly which is better than chance selection. In general sober people are no better at picking a suspect from a line up than someone working hard on getting their party on. Perspective jurors might want to keep this in mind next time they get jury duty. Under a test environment, people suck at finger pointing. Although the results surprised the researchers, it shouldn’t you. You know how people are and yet you give them the benefit of the doubt.  Stwap! People are people and usually just trying to get their party on. Practice stranger danger safety.

beer people

How To Identify A Psychopath

Marlo Thomas.Com interviewed Dr. Gail Satlz on how to do just that. The Doctor explains the psychopaths are “narcissistic and lack a moral compass,” and that they “can be intelligent, and don’t feel guilty breaking the rules, so they’re often very successful.” You know you’ve dated one, we all have. Once you have identified them Stwap dating them, especially if your drunk, that’s when your the most vulnerable. Or they are drunk! That’s when they are most likely to go psycho on your ass.  Pay attention people, just because your drunk may make you a better witness but it’s when your more likely to do something stupid, like date a psychopath. Which apparently you all ready did sober, so your still better off drunk.

A Screwdriver

How to make a screwdriver

2 oz. of Vodka or ¾ of a shot glass

5 oz. of orange juice, that would be 2½ shot glasses of orange juice.

Place in a tall glass, add ice and stir.

Monroe drinking

by Rev James Jones


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