Stars In Space

Reaching for the Limit

Why don’t we have stars in space? I think we might, at least soon. Richard Branson apparently is willing to send celebrities into space. Can you blame him?  So, you’ve opened the first private space company.  What do you do next?  Advertise!  Get stars and go to space.  Are you ready?  Here we come universe and I can’t wait. Nerds are cool and the Intellect of man has come full circle. Rovers on Mars for a decade,  we walked around on the moon forty some odd years ago, nuclear power has come, powered us and if we are not careful it might killed us.  I think we might just make it, though.  If there is enough of us just to conjoin our thoughts. Somebody may have done just that. As the British say, Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic

Kate Winslet to be blasted into space

Richard Branson has offered stars free rides or at least cheap rates to space. I would, if my new upstart was a space program. Sir Branson has offered and they seem to like the offer. Ashton Kutcher has accepted, or so it seems according to to the link to the article below.. Lets see who goes. Let’s go stars in space.

Kutcher in Space


Go Ashton Go!

Look who else is going!

Stephen Hawkins

Will He Go?

Stephen has been offered a ride to space. Will he go.

Whoe else deserves a ride to space more than Stephen Hawkins?  I can’t imagine who else deserves the first free rides to space than Stephen. The man who taught us about the universe and space.


The first offer for a ride to space.

Kate Winslet.

Kate goes to space

Is Kate Winslet going to space?


from The Telegraph.

How about,

Russel Brand


Katy Perry

russel in space



Will they go?

Katy-Perry Russell-Brand in Space

Where’s the limit?

How many stars can we put in space?

Are You Ready”

Stars In Space

by Rev James Jones


One thought on “Stars In Space

  1. Willie Nelson so he could get high, 🙂 …Obama and we could leave him there, Me and Taylor Swift so we could join the mile high club,

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