Our January Tee Winner

Is “Jenny’s Got Swag”

Jenny Wins Jenny’s Got Swag. Jenny’s got Swag and you don’t. JENNY’s Got Swag  submitted the most photos. Our January Winner! is Jenny’s got swag.

Now you have to get your own gear @cafepress.

the back

The Back

Jenny WinsMore photos from Jenny’s got swag. Go look like Jenny’s got swag @cafepress.

The sorts Magazine Tee WinnerJenny drops it like it’s hot, from to much swag.

JennyThanks Jenny and Congratulations!

Jenny Wins

We Can’t wait for the next winner! Go Get Your Own Swagger-Sway.Gear at cafepress. A name you can trust.

Go see our new winner at Swagger-Sway.Com where she has submitted her photo’s. Thanks Jenny, please submit again. Love Rev James Jones


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