Lady Data Cosplay of the Week

LADY dATA2 LADY dATA3 LADY dATA 1For the love of Tasha Yar.

When Data was able to install his  emotion chip, did he think of Tasha. These are photos from Constantine in Tokyo’s facebook page.

lADY dATA4 LAT dATA6According to her bio; “Constantine is a writer and cosplayer, who spends her time reviewing movies, making costumes, and filming YouTube videos.”

Ray Kurzwell says that singularity, the emergence of man and machine becoming one will happen in 2045.

On the same subject; Going to be in Dallas on March 30th? If so, bring your Star Trek costume. If not thats OK, just take a photo of yourself dressed as your favorite Star Trek character holding a sign stating what character  you are.

William Shatner announces the launch of the Texas Star Trek Lottery Scratch Card Game on March 30, 2013.  Shatner is requesting a “mass” of Star Trek cosplayers to appear at the  Dallas Convention Center at 10:00am on that date to break the Guiness Word Book of Records for the largest gathering of Star Trek outfitted attendees in one place.
Since they know that not all of you can attend, they are holding an online cosplay contest for all William Shatner fans! In order to enter you must be a fan of William Shatner and follow the rules at William Shatner.Com

Now I need to go find Star Trek The Next Generation episode “The Naked Now” and relive Data and Tasha’s encounter.


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