Tennis In Shotrs History

The Sport of Tennis Changes Shorts

gussie in shorts“Gussie was the Anna Kournikova of her time,” tennis great Jack Kramer said in 2002

The history of shorts has been effected on many levels. Not only at the pool or jogging trail, but on the court as well. Wimbledon 1949, Gertrude “Gorgeous Gussy” Morgan at the age of 25 stepped onto the court in something less than a knee length skirt. A naive girl from Santa Monica, California was not only a champion tennis player but also a fashion enthusiast. Above Gussy shows off her lace trimmed shorts that covered the front page of magazines around the world. Read the rest of the story from THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HERE.

“Moran said she was happy that modern-day players like Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and the Williams sisters were flashy and unashamed in their court fashion.”


Also from   more on Gussy and women’s fashion in the history of tennis.

           By Rachel Greenberg

“According to a study done at North Carolina University, women make up the bigger half of the recreational tennis market.

It’s no surprise, then, that women have led some of the biggest fashion movements of tennis, and that the fashion of tennis has changed to accommodate women’s needs. “

The history of shorts and womens equality go hand in hand. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t discovered for his acting abilities although he would become one of the top ranking actors of our time and eventually the governor of California. Yet, until recently no one ever called him a slut. I believe the L.A.Times has it point on when they said could you imagine if Gussy played during the era of television.


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