Josie Goldberg squeezes her curves

Reality starlet Josie Goldberg squeezes her curves into new fashion line

Josie GoldbergPhoto from Mail Online

With 1151 followers on twitter, Josie Goldberg of Millionaire Matchmaker fame and Playboy Cyber model, comes out in candy stripes. Mail Online catches her busting out at a Florida beach. While the article doesn’t portray the event as flattering, we feel as confident as she does.

“You don’t have to be 100 pounds just to feel good. As long as you feel good about yourself, that’s how people are going to perceive you,’ she told Agenda Mag back in 2009.

‘I am voluptuous. And I think the reason Anna Nicole was so good was because it made big women like me feel sexy.’

Determined to make it in Hollywood, the ambitious blonde even called the Playboy Mansion and tracked down Hugh Hefner’s secretary, Mary, demanding a Playboy audition.

Despite being rejected several times, she eventually succeeded in becoming a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week.”

A big girl in a bikini makes a big splash! In the quote above Josie Goldberg explains how Anna Nicole Smith made women feel. Anna was the first Guess jeans model at a size 12. Proportion seems to be the key. Not being morbidly obese we wonder what all the huff is about. Go read the article for yourself.

Reality starlet Josie Goldberg squeezes her curves into new fashion line | Mail Online.

Proportion and confidence don’t seem like traits to admire, but somehow, we do. At 5’10” we think Josie is just right.

Rev James Jones


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