Jessica Simpson Pregnant!

Jessica Tweets a pic of her baby bump Sunday night Saying “Bumpin’ and proud!”

Jessica Bumpin

Jessica PregnantJessica and family on holiday in Hawaii this past week.

Jessica Simpson confirmed pregnancy
Via a tweet from Jessica Simpson on
Christmas confirmed everybody suspicions and weight watchers fears. Jessica is pregnant with her second child. Her first ad for weight watchers   just coming out this past week, Jessica seemingly will full-fill her four million dollar contract. If she can complete the program again she’ll prove she can do it twice. Already loosing over 50lbs. the first time around we have no doubt she can do it again. Mean while she is currently offering 50% on her shoe collection at Jessica according to her most recent tweets while her little sister Ashlee enjoys the spotlight with recent bikini pics coming out in the media from their Hawaiian family holiday.

Ashlee Simpson

Could or would You tweet a baby bump pic of yourself? I don’t believe it might be as easy as it seems, let us know.

Rev. James Jones


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