In Your Eyes

It’s there, hidden behind your eye’s

studded face mask

Hidden behind our eye’s lies our thoughts, intentions and desire’s.

Not far behind the retina is the neural network that composes you. What you wish for the most happens right there, behind your eye’s.
What comes out of your mouth and the action you portray are what others see. If you find yourself hidden inside is there a reason why?
Hiding your true desires can be attributed to shame of them usually. You want something your afraid to ask for. Others will judge you for it, you know.
Somethings out of your reach and you’ll feel like a fool for others to know what you secretly desire.
Is what you want so wrong? Possibly but better yet is it something you need in your life? Is this something you want to fulfill yourself or is it a waning desire.
Asking yourself the right questions is the beginning.
“I want this!” Why, is it what your looking for to fill the needs of your future life? Or was something I thought I wanted and later on will wished I hadn’t.
Hidden behind your eye’s lies your true desires. You control what you desire not what they want you to. Be careful, the worlds is full of experts at triggering your desire. What they want you want, monkey see, monkey do, if you don’t pay attention, they’ve got you.
Watch everything you watch through filter a filtered lens of understanding what they want you to do. Then go on and enjoy the show. Understanding yourself will help!
Do what the advertisers do and start with a goal. What do you want to outcome of this course of your life to be? When it’s over, what do you think you’ll see. What do you need to do to get from here to there? When do you need to do them? And when you feel an important decision in your life has to be made does it meet those goals. It’s not easy to filter what you see, but when it comes to your hearts desire, it’s worth doing.
Rev James Jones


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