December 20th 2012

tumblr girl<3 Shorts Of the Day

December 20th, 2012

because it’s the last day!

Let’s Party in the USA

Happy Last Day America Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus YEA!

I’m not ready for the world to end, or you? I’d rather keep the dream alive and go ahead and party in the USA. Merry Christmas everyone and I’ll talk to you before then. Hey, by the way, our New Domain is The Shorts Magazine.Com. Thanks for the 2012 internet people, look forward to talking to you next year!

P.S. The Mayans didn’t make predictions. Global warming is real but not man made, We are closer to discovering the secrets of the universe than we have ever been. We are learning more than we have ever known, and we are not alone. Welcome to 2013.

And now, Christina Agiliera wearing the worlds smallest shorts. Am I wrong, if so let me know.

Christina Aguilera feat Lil’ Kim – Can’t Hold Us Down (Official Music Video

Love- Rev James Jones

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