Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor gets Colorized

Elizabeth colorized

A star at 15,

There’s a reason people swayed to her. Stardom follows some and she was one.
Elizabeth Taylor was the Queen of stardom.
Her marriages, her movies, her life.
She IS the icon of American movie cinematography.
By the tender age of 15 she had won America’s heart with “Black Beauty”
The movie inspired thousands of girls to have a deep passion for their horse’s.
Still the love of animals runs deep in our culture.
It’s no wonder that she captured a spirit of a nation.
Her heart goes on beyond her friendship with Micheal Jackson or her love of animals.
She left behind her AIDS FOUNDATION
in her fight for human compassion.
She also left behind one of the gretest
tails of history with Cleopatra,
So She Is Not Forgot,
Elizabeth Taylor Colorized.
Rev James B Jones


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