Shorts of the Day

My animal loves meMy animal loves me! Shorts of the Day! goes to
‘girl getting hugged by her horse.’ The bond between humans
and animals goes along ways back into our past. If it’s a dog or a cat, hamster or a bird, ferret or a horse. If your animal loves you then you have made a connection with another life form. Then you found that other life forms weren’t any different than you. Amazing isn’t it?  Life is able to love each other, no matter the species. We fight over marriage rights, lawful relationships, who may beget who. Bonds are stronger than laws. Love goes deeper than sex or certification. By virtue of the fact that we have the ability to love and bond with another animal, we know that all life is capable of hope and understanding. Organisms may fight for space or substance, just as the animals, or us, but when that fight is over and there is enough for all.  Bonds begin, the horse is fed and loved and love that is hidden even deep within a horse, is able to come out. Be careful how you treat others, animals and humans alike. For what you give, you receive, and that is why this photo wins SHORTS OF THE DAY! If you would like to support PETA then the link will provided on their name. And thanks for listening to me rant on The Shorts of the Day!

-The Rev James B Jones


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