26,280 Days

26,280 Days
Earth, fire, water, air and life.

26,280 days and everything that ever came before you.
“What form have you taken?’ Asked the deity from above. “Life,” I responded. “I believe.” “Are you ready to begin your existence?” He asked. Before I could answer, it started. Lights at first, from every direction, spiraling inward towards the depths of me. They came from the universe itself. Then breath struck me hard in my newly formed physique. I inhaled, life filled my veins.
There was the hospital room in which I was born, my mother covered in sweat and tears. My father, my brother, my grandparents. The days that followed. The first house I lived in, then the next. My parents friends, my dad lost his job. We moved. My first school, Tina, I had already forgot her. The tension in my parents relationship, my brother got expelled from school. We moved again.
My dog, my God I loved my dog so much. My brother got in more trouble, my parents fought more frequently now. I went on summer vacation with my grandparents. We moved again. Leslie and I bonded. My parents divorced, my brother was in jail. We moved again. It was mom and I. She lost her job, our relationship strained. My father was gone, my brother was on the streets.
Mom remarried, she acted happy again, but it was never the same. The music, the parties and the fights. I had gone from punk to cyber-punk, then dropped out of school. My father wanted a new connection with me. My brother was in rehab. My mother divorced again while my father remarried. Then it was my turn. I had a life inside of me, but I forgotten where I came from, the past filled my mind now and the empty space was consumed with the future.
My child was born, my husband went off to war. Our first house, Christmas, Easter. Our first dog. The next base, our second child, school plays. Their friends over, the first bicycle’s. More war. The wives of fallen hero’s group. It didn’t help, it only filled the void. My oldest got in trouble. My youngest pregnant. Now it was her turn.
I was the grandparent in the waiting room. Their first Christmas. I wanted so much for them. I remarried and moved. My first grandchild graduated. I was a great grandmother. It was another ones turn now.
Then the deity spoke to me again,”Did you find it?” said the voice from above. “No,” I replied.
“Why not?” he asked.
“I only had seventy-two orbits around the sun. 26,280 days some of which were obscured by adolescence. 12 summers, 18 holidays with my parents of which I only remember 10.  I only had 26,280 days to live and yet I forgot.” The tears of regret streamed from my soul. How had I missed it? Why did I forget what it was I was doing here? “There wasn’t enough time for me to forget!” I cried in anguish.
“I know,” said the deity. “But at least there was you, if only for a moment.”
“Are you ready?” He spoke to a new soul now. My great-great grandchild. Suddenly the regret was gone, I wasn’t through, it was my turn again, only through you.

26,280 days is all you get, if your lucky and have a full life. You are the accumulation of everyone that has come before you. You are here to add to what comes after you. This life isn’t about you but about all of us together. With only six degrees of separation between each of us, then we are all closer to one another than we know. Life goes so fast that we forget. 26,280 days minus the ones you have used, how much time do you have left to do the things you need to do?


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