Are you Thirsty? Have a drink of me!

Drink of Me

Have a Drink of Me

Once, I was waiting by the water, when the most beautiful woman I have ever seen approached me.

May I help you,” I asked. She didn’t reply at first, then she looked miffed and said, “Why are you waiting?” Her eye’s shifted towards mine. I was perplexed, at first. Pondering what she meant. “Are you thirsty?” I asked. Her eye’s softened, “Yes.”

“Would you care to have a drink on me?” This was my chance.

“Yes,”  she looked back out towards the water. “I most certainly would.”

I hadn’t met someone like Sophia before. There weren’t words yet to describe her. Soft and out spoken, barely a care in the world. I knew from the first time I saw her, she would become a part of me.  Evening crept into night, shadows passed into nothing. Ourselves became as one. There was not one or the other, only us.  Where had I known this before, she was familiar. How could I have known her for so long and not lived without her. She was real as the grass in my backyard when I was twelve, she was as new as last nights dream. I don’t think I dreamed her, I hope not. But when morning came, she was gone.

The day seemed typical, I went to work at the hotel. Margaretta made her room list, I fumbled through my Spanish.  Tom, the desk clerk told me about the troubles he’d had with a room. Different people, same story, but to Tom they where ingrained in his personality. What he did defined who he was, I smiled and tried to console him, that he had handled the situation appropriately and was well in the right. But it was later, when Chris came into the office and the usual daily conversation I had with him, he was talking about a Rolling Stone article about another rapper going to jail. That’s when it hit me.

If she wasn’t a dream? Was she a one night stand, perhaps taken by another, married even. Was she a skank and I had fallen for her, like a fool, again. All of the sudden the mundane rituals of the day seemed to oblique.  I had to find her! “I’m sorry Chris, I can’t do this right now.”

“What?” Chris said. He sat on the corner of desk holding the magazine, his eye’s glanced away from the article across the floor in my direction. “Talk about rappers?” His glazed paused there.

“No,no,” I paused. “I met somebody last night.”

“You did?” He’d lost interest in the article, “Who?”

“A girl? he laid the magazine down standing.

“Yes, a girl. And have to find her.” I started for the door.

“Wait James,” Chris started. I Stopped at the door knob. “What do you mean you have to find her?”

“I just do,” a fast trot turned into a sprint. I made down the elevator then had to hold myself back to a fast pace. If Tom saw me running he would surely follow thinking there was a problem with the hotel.

“James,” Tom spoke, he’d seen me.

I don’t have time for him now I thought, then a woman came through the front door as I reached it. I’d almost ran into her.

(To Be Continued)


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