Meet The Candy Maker

Kara Paige Jones

Missus BoomOnce upon a time, there lived a girl in the woods that was a candy maker. She lived near a lake, calm and serene. But the girl had a dream, a dream of pastel dragon’s and a far away place, she called forever. That girl would one day grow up to become a lady. And that lady would soon recognize what the world was made of. Pastel dragon’s and far away dreams. She let her heart shine like a rainbow.  Then filled the world, with all it’s needs.

You think you need something, then realize you don’t. You think you forgot something, then realize it was something that you didn’t want. Life is a precious gift, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you start to put all things into perspective. This is Kara Paige Jones, this is my daughter, and all her dreams.

Meet The Candy Maker for Dragons

Missus Boom’s Candies

This is My daughter, Kara Paige Jones. She is number 12 on my Bucket List. I have promised to take her to see Stonehenge and meet her cousin Carol. I also promised her she was next on my blog roll, and here she is. Kara was born in the middle of Texas but raised on a lake in Arkansas next to a National Forrest.  She lived with the deer and fox, beavers and squirrels. Dogs and cats, a bat or injured rooster. Animals followed her home all the time, needing medical attention or just a friend for awhile. She did this with people too.

She liked to make things growing up, art, beads, jewelry and fashion. She likes reading, detest bigotry and racism. She has a quest for knowledge and understanding the universe.  But mostly, she likes to find the beauty in the world and see people laugh.  Kara has made me proud to be a father, plus, it’s really hard to frown with a mouth full of Candy.  Now meet Kara  The Candy Maker.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
We’re you born in Arkansas?

*A* Missus Boom
Nope, I was born in Texas.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
Why do you love dragons?

*A* Missus Boom
I wouldn’t say I love them. They’re just easy to draw.
And I like thinking about the ways a creature would have to evolve to realistically exist.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
Did you always know you would be a Candy Maker?

*A* Missus Boom
Not really, I hadn’t planned on it anyway.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
What would you like to tell the world?

*A* Missus Boom
Be sure to get a good nights sleep. Because without sleep you’ll go crazy.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
Are you naturally blonde or brunette?

*A* Missus Boom
I’m not even sure any more.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
What’s your favorite candy and why?

*A* Missus Boom
That’d definitely have to be Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

*Q *What Do Your Shorts Say?
How do you like being interviewed?

*A* Missus Boom
It’s okay I guess? It doesn’t hurt at least.

Kara makes candy as a hobby and has a link right here on this magazine. But thats not all she does. She also makes her father smile. Thanks for visiting TheShortsMagazine? Kara, come back soon and let us know what your doing next. It was nice to meet the candy maker.

-Rev James B Jones


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