20 Things to do before I die


How Are You Going To Live Your Life?

by Rev.James B. Jones

I was scrolling through a tumblr blog when I came across a web site called, “The Buried Life.” If you haven’t seen or heard of it before now,  it’s about a group of Canadian boys that left for a two week vacation during a college break that turned into a six year journey to fulfill their bucket list of 100 things to do before they die. After reading the page I was inspired to write my own bucket list and maybe discover a little more about myself, and what I want to do before I die.

What I discovered was that I had already started my list, along time ago. First of all, you need to see my list;

  1. Write (another) book or two.
  2. Master html and gimp.
  3. Sell a song.
  4. Be a fireman.√
  5. Watch the sunrise over the great pyramids.
  6. Own a Gibson les paul.
  7. Work for a least one night in a large observatory.
  8. Visit my 2 best friends, Mike and Mark.
  9. Get my teeth fixed.
  10. Have my picture taken with Mark Walberg.
  11. See the Haldron Collider.
  12. Take my daughter to see Stonehenge and meet my cousin Carol.
  13. See Kiss on their Dynasty (disco) Tour.√
  14. Own an online bikini shop.√
  15. Have my picture taken with Jessica Simpson.
  16. Touch a moon rock.
  17. Get an old ticket taken care of.
  18. Become a Licensed Minister.√
  19. Have my picture taken with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  20. Party with Pat Travers.√

Five of the twenty things I wanted to really do in my life I had inadvertently done.

Twenty-two years ago I wrote a book. Titled The Catlady, it was a fictional book about two young boys entering puberty and encountering a witch that could live forever as long as she occasionally replenished her youth with the aid of alchemy and a virgin male. I worked for a year or so trying to find a publisher, I never did. The book got shelved and I moved on with my life. I promised myself I would write more books and keep trying, I never did.

After discovering several months ago that web sites are virtually free, you just need to understand some HTML and graphic image manipulation, and a little marketing to draw people to it. I found out that it was an insatiable hobby that generated just as much gratification as any other hobby does. Off into the world of SEO, analytic s, page ranking, site verification, keywords…I went, and have yet to come back. and don’t think that I ever will, so no.2 should take care of it’s self.

Others from the list I got to do before I knew I would someday have a list. I got ordained online to perform a marriage for some friends of mine. I was a volunteer fireman for a hand full of years.

James The Fireman

I went to several concerts as a teenager but to look back and say I saw KISS on their Dynasty Tour has to be one of my greatest achievements. Disco was so big in the 80’s that even Dolly Parton and KISS went disco. A song written by Desmond Child, “I was made for lovin’ you,” and performed by KISS became a big hit for them.  I also attended a Ted Nugent concert when an unannounced act appeared on stage. I happened to be a big fan of Pat Travers at the time when I seemed to be the only person in the crowd (front row) who recognized him. I chanted “Crash and Burn” alone as he worked as his own roadie. He noticed and the evening became a teenage boys dream.

Compiling a bucket list has taught me a lot about myself and I don’t want to be the only one who knows me. So I thought I would share some it with you and maybe inspire you to make your own list.  As for me, I now have a quest to finish my bucket list, and as I do, I will come back here and share it with you.

Thanks, Rev. James B. Jones


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