Note for note

You Know whats true
Let Your Voice be Heard

If you didn’t know?
You have a voice. And even if you don’t use it for singing, giving speech’s, or directing
a large group of people, you still need to know, your voice counts. Vote every time you have a chance. Show up to every city council meeting. Participate in your local PTO. If you don’t like something, take it over and change it. Nothing is more powerful than your will to do what you want.
You can expect what you want, or you can have what you will.
There was something someone said to me not long ago,”Don’t be scared of what you don’t know, but be wise enough to understand what you have just seen.”
Every Once In Awhile…
Something comes along..
“Will You Know It When You See It?”
Note for note, your voice counts just as much as mine.
Love, The Rev. James B. Jones


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