Your Mouth Has Many Uses

Your Mouth has many uses, most of them involving pleasure. For instance, eating, drinking, licking and blowing. You can also whisper sweet nothings, blow(in someone’s ear). Kissing, giving hickies, touching some one with your mouth is one the most erotic and sensual experiences there is. Telling secrets or using your words to seduce some one is almost religious.

But you can also use your words to hurt some one. By belittling them or making them feel stupid. Words can be used to make some one fall in love with you, which would be almost impossible without a mouth. When you use them same mouth to seduce some one, then turn around and use them same mouth to hurt them, then your betraying your own words. What you say suddenly has no meaning. Much like them same way liars are perceived, they’re words are empty and are ignored.

We have to ignore the words of verbal abusers, they are usually the same mouth that try to tell us they love us, and you can’t use your mouth for both. Once you’ve used it to hurt me, then when you try later to say you “love” me, I perceive you as a liar. Then your words have no meaning and might as well not even have a mouth. So if you don’t know how to use it then keep it shut. Because everytime you do, your letting others hear how much you know.

Rev. James B. Jones

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